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FAQs - TECHsplore Summer

What is TECHsplore Summer? 

TECHsplore programs provide short-term study opportunities for international students visiting Georgia Tech. Our programs are for non-degree seeking students and provide cultural and contextual information about Georgia Tech and the United States to support students' academic and social engagement while in Atlanta. TECHsplore programs are the only pathway for international, non-degree-seeking students to study at Georgia Tech without an exchange agreement. 


How do I apply for TECHsplore Summer? 

The application can be found online at We will accept applications from students applying from universities abroad from December 1 to March 1. The deadline for students currently studying at a US institution is April 1. There is an $85 application fee. 

What schools are eligible for TECHsplore Summer? 

A list of invited institutions is available here.

What qualifications do I need to apply? 

  • Official transcript in English

  • English proficiency

    • 90-100 TOEFL or 7.5 IELTS 

  • Permission from home institution 

  • Permission from Georgia Tech

What options do I have for courses? 

A sample list of courses available can be found here. Students must be flexible in their course choices, as there is no guarantee a particular course will be available. Students are responsible for completing all required prerequisites for course enrollment

How many credit hours can I earn from this program? 

  • 6-7 credit hours 

What is the cost of TECHsplore Summer? 

  • Tuition (6 credits) : $6,274.02 

  • Student Fees:    $1063 

  • Mandatory Health Insurance: $526.90 

  • TECHsplore Summer Fee: $1,500 

  • Application Fee: $85

  • On-Campus Housing: $1,791.57

  • Housing Application Fee: $80

  • On-Campus Meal Plan: $517 - $1175

  • Additional Living Cost (Books, Supplies, Etc.): $350

Total Approximate Cost: $13000

The reduced total approximate cost for students coming as part of an exchange partnership that covers tuition and fees is $5,500.

* all costs are approximate and subject to change*

What is the deadline to apply to TECHsplore Summer? 

  • March 1 - Students applying from outside the US
  • April 1 - Students currently studying at a university within the US

Will I be studying with current GA Tech students? 

  • Yes! You will be taking courses alongside current Georgia Tech students, and you'll also live on campus. 

Who can I email for more info? 

For more information, email TECHsplore Summer: techsploresummer@oie, 

Current Students

What are the dates for TECHsplore Summer semester? 

TECHsplore Summer begins with an orientation to campus on June 15. Classes start June 17, and the last day of finals is July 30. 

What excursions should I expect as part of the TECHsplore Summer program? 

Examples of past excursions include the following: sporting events, city tours, Skyline Park, Sweetwater Creek, CNN, and World of Coca Cola. 

Where will I be living on campus? 

TECHsplore Summer students will live in the Hayes and Gray House, also known as International House, located on East campus.

What language will classes be taught in? 


What airport should I fly into? 

ATL Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (Predetermined pickup dates will be available.)

Will I have the opportunity to learn about graduate programs as a TECHsplore Summer student? 

Yes, there will be informational sessions and workshops available for TECHsplore Summer students. You will also have the opportunity to get to know Georgia Tech faculty by taking courses with current faculty. 

What should I pack for TECHsplore Summer? 

A suggested list of what to pack (and what not to pack) can be found on the GT Housing website:

What is the weather like in Atlanta during the summer? 

Over the summer, the average high temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). The average low temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). The tendency is hot and humid, so pack accordingly! 

What transportation is available? 

Various forms of transportation available in Atlanta include: MARTA (which will require the purchase of breeze card), GT buses (for on-campus transportation), and app accessible transportation such as Uber, Lyft, and scooters. A Georgia Tech staff member will have pre-determined airport pickup days to help you get to campus. 

What is a Buzzcard, and what is it used for? 

Buzzcards are the student identification of Georgia Tech. Buzzcards are used for access to buildings such as the residence halls, to scan into events, and pay for meals. TECHsplore students will have a preloaded meal plan of 50 or 100 swipes and $50 of Buzzfunds, which can be used to pay for meals on campus.