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Sample list of courses offered during the Late Short Summer Semester 2019. Official schedule of summer classes will be available online March 5, 2020.


Accounting (ACCT):

Accounting II

Applied Physiology (APPH):


Sci Foundation of Health

Arabic (ARBC):

Elementary Arabic II

Architecture (ARCH):

History of Architecture I

Intro-Design & Built Env

Biology (BIOL):


Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE):

Structural Analysis

Chemistry (CHEM):

General Chemistry

Chinese (CHIN):

Elementary Chinese II

College of Architecture (COA):

History of Art II

Computer Science (CS):

Computing & Society

Computing for Engineers

Educational Technology

Intro to Computing

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE):

Programming HW/SW System

Economics (ECON):

Game Theory Economics

Prin of Macroeconomics

Prin of Microeconomics

English (ENGL):

English Composition I

English Composition II

French (FREN):

Elementary French I

Elementary French II

German (GRMN):

Elementary German II

Intermediate German II

History (HIST):

The United States since 1877

History, Technology, and Society (HTS):

Globalization Modern Era

Hist-Modern Middle East

History of the New South

Intro Hist Disease & Med

Modern China

Reel History

Social Movements

Urban Sociology

Industrial Design (ID):

Design Methods

Hist - Modern Indust Dsgn

History of Art 2

International Affairs (INTA):

The World Today

American Government

Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE):

Engineering Economy

Supply Chain Mod: Manf&Ware

Statistics & Applications

Japanese (JAPN):

Elementary Japanese II

Intermediate Japanese II

Korean (KOR):

Elementary Korean II

Linguistics (LING):

Intro to Linguistics

Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC):

Creative Writing

Management (MGT):

Career Development Workshop

Digital Marketing

Fin Report & Analysis I

Fin Reporting & Analy I

Info Sys & Dig Transform

International Business

Leadership - Changing Env

Marketing Management I

Mgt Hum Res - Reg Environ

Operations Management

Music (MUSI):

History of Jazz

Music Technology

Politics (POL):

Government of the U.S

Psychology (PSYC):

General Psychology

Russian (RUSS):

Elementary Russian I

Elementary Russian II

Sociology (SOC):

Intro to Sociology

Spanish (SPAN):

Conversation I

Latin American Music

Pract. App. Span Grammar